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LA Woman

25 June, 2013

Written by Heidi Nazarudin in Street Style

It's been suggested that Los Angeles women have never been able to develop a sense of style. The so-called fashionable cities of the world no longer have a stranglehold on the best stores, and every LA inhabitant has access to free wireless at most Starbucks, so why the discrepancy?

Is there really no sense of style lurking beneath the (possibly surgically enhanced) breasts of our Angels?

Much can be made of the fact that Los Angeles is, in fact, not really a city. Not if you define city as actually having a center, a pulse, a Times Square if you will. Downtown Los Angeles is basically a couple of blocks surrounded by freeways. For those unfortunates who accidentally take the 3rd Street exit ramp some evening, they’ll discover a ghost-town inhabited by the stray over-worked law-firm-intern or Laker fan who got lost on the way to Staples Center. Angelenos live in their cars - some literally,The truth is that nothing stylish can survive endless hours stuck sitting in LA traffic. Linen is the devil in the confines of a belted bucket-seat. Scarves are legitimately life-threatening as one twists and turns looking for openings in a seemingly endless stream of SUVs and Teslas jostling for position. Fame Hollywood-style has it’s own creativity-squelching noose built in. Actresses discover they should avoid cultivating a personal style, lest they become type-cast. Who's going to hire Rita Rockabilly to play the long-lost Crawley sister in a Downton Abbey spin-off titled "Downton Abbot Kinney"? While women in other cities struggle to make weather-related accessories appear fashionable, “gloves”, “Wellingtons”, and “mackinaws” are foreign words in Los Angeles. When it’s perpetually 80 degrees, the only decision to make in the morning is whether to wear the mini or the maxi dress. Los Angeles women have style but it’s ephemeral – just like the youth they are trying desperately to hang onto. It is, after all, home to the Two-Stitch mini face lift you can have between an Ikea commercial audition and one’s hostess job at McCormick & Schmick’s. Living in LA means inevitably succumbing to a plastic surgeon’s scalpel and purchasing new boobs and slimmer thighs. As the saying goes (I’m paraphrasing): "if you’ve bought it, flaunt it".

Style takes time to cultivate. No one comes out of the womb in spats. Style probably takes a good 20+ years of adulthood to refine and everyone knows that in Hollywood, there isn't a woman over the age of 30. But Los Angeles women are timeless in their own right. Their style is one that exudes a sense of time – time to go to the gym, time to lie out, time to have fun. Let’s face it - there’s a reason the Beach Boys wished we all could be California Girls.

Shop the sweet life, here are our suggestions for an LA look.

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LA Woman

This is a blog post by Heidi Nazarudin about Los Angeles' women's everyday fashion style and the LA look for Fashion Fox

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