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All about the music

26 June, 2013

Written by Elizia Volkmann in Get the look

All about the music “Festival Fashion” has become part of the editorial summer season. When I worked as a music photographer and journalist before being seduced into fashion editorial it was all about getting the shot without being knocked out by flying closed) plastic bottles of wee and surviving three long days of heaving camera kit and trolling around acres of lumpy ground interrupted by great music and hanging out with your heroes. Festival fashion never seems to deviate beyond bonkers wellies and hippy dresses. So this is what I’d wear for three days of sobriety and taking great pictures.

What I wore was more style, as much as a statement about who I was cum working uniform as a look, if you’re serious about music the rule is less is more, Sunglasses are vital, no hats, no fairy head dresses, your best friend is a wide hip resting camera bag, a bikini top if you’re optimistic, good knickers are vital as you end up flashing them more than you’d like rummaging in your camera bag, sharp wits to get good shots and avoid the mud. Your next best friend is your biker jacket as in proper biker leathers not a boutique. Cool t-shirts and black jeans.  Now buying jeans for photography is a bit of an issue a balance between looking good standing up and them not sliding off your arse when you’re bending over or squatting, you do a lot of that as a photographer…hence the need for good knickers. A safer option were black combat trousers usually bought from a market for around a tenner I rarely spent more than that as I’d bin them at the end of the festival, to be honest, you could end up binning a pair a day. I’d like to say I wore black DMs or biker boots nope I wore hiking boots, a pair of sturdy Zamberlan’s so oh how I laughed when I saw Elle’s tweet about forgoing willies for roman sandals, seriously have these people never been in the pit at a gig let alone a festival?

The best thing about being press? Being right at the front for three songs in front of some of the greatest bands of all time, including Morrissey and yes you got it being in the press/VIP area, clean queue-less toilets and not camping. I do like camping just not at festivals. What Kate Moss spends on clothes for Glasto I spent on kit, but my kit didn’t just include my camera, note book, pens, mirror, lipstick, pain killers, I had my special kit designed to soothe, comfort and win over musicians and rock star this included several lighters, a packet of cigarettes for said rock stars, a hip flask of rum or brandy, a bag of sweets and some strong mints.Yes you read right. Booze and fags have their obvious charms, but to be honest a bag of sweets does more to endear you to a rock god than any intoxicant and I nursed a sickly member of Roots Manuva with a tube of extra strong mints once, Roots looked really confused by feeding his MC mints but hey that’s rock and roll.

You could get the look for buttons at Camden market but here is fantasy version of my working wardrobe…

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All about the music

This is a blog post about what clothes and fashion Elizia Volkmann wears when she covers music festivals as a photographer by Fashion Fox

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