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Reduce & Seduce: sale at Agent Provocateur

23 July, 2013

Written by Fashion Fox in Sale Spotter

agent provocateur sale
We like to bring you the bargains that can be nabbed from your favourite designers and brands and with this blisteringly hot weather bikinis are now just part of everyday dress, OK maybe not if you work in a regular office, such are the pleasures of being the boss, I can set the dress code we're both in shorts and T-shirts if truth be told, but I've got my bikini on underneath ready to make a dash for the ponds sporting one of my favourite swimsuits, you've gathered I have thing for swimwear.  We're pretty lucky at Fashion Fox and Menswear Style as we're based in Hampstead so yes we can sneak off at lunchtime to go for a swim.  Agent Provocateur's current range of bikinis and swim suits is inspired by James Bond or rather the sassy girls with sassy names who enjoyed beating him a bikini. 
Bikini Tuesday probably isn't such a great idea, unless you can work for yourself and have a Soho House membership and "work" by the pool.  Bikini Tuesday in the City? yowsers that could be disasterous because the payback is that the blokes would wear their trolleys, never mind the letching either way nobody wants that. But pulses to race harder, hearts beat faster and love or lust in summer rages harder than in winter, so maybe treat yourself to some discounted pretty black lace underwear, such as the Casey or Fifi ranges. Even if you haven't got a date, good underwear always makes me feel more confident and not a little smug.

Enjoy this hot summer sale and let us know what you bargains you nabbed...and even if you managed to con your boss in to Bikini Tuesday/Wednesday/... if only for a laugh.

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Seduce & Reduce: Sale at Agent Provocateur

This is a blog post about getting the most out of the Agent Provocateur summer sale by Fashion Fox

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