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Supporting Act: New designer bag trends

07 August, 2013

Written by Fashion Fox in Trends

cara bag

Summer still hasn’t quite faded but you know autumn is not far away when you’re manically submitting your requests for London Fashion Week, my arms ached from that marathon emailing session so the last thing I want is to be carrying heavy bags. In fact if I have one pet peeve (in truth I have many) it is the monstrous bags that have been cluttering up fashion for the past er ummm eleven years. Now thankfully designer handbags and bags in general have returned to their true place in our wardrobes, that of the supporting act. It is true as Zandra Rhodes says that if you have "nothing dress you need a something handbag", but the tyranny of the over designed bag has abated and we are now seeing designer bags which both elegant and have a wink and a smile about them like this cheeky little number that Cara carried to the Met Ball earlier this year.

First there was the explosion of the “signature bag”, an explosion of design excess and general nastiness which thankfully died a death when designers could no longer find space for one more stud, spike or random extra buckled pocket on a bag. These spiky snarling monstrosities were replaced by handbags that could double as luggage. I mean seriously what are were you planning? Running away the circus to piss your mum off were we? Bags got so big they were in fact leather bivvy bags should they get stranded in the real world, yes these bags were so big that a teeny-weeny celebrity shrunken by macro-biotic diets could climb in and call for rescue and wait there safely till help arrived.

Sharon, Heidi Nooo! Think of your backs!These bags were awful, they must have kept the children of osteopaths world wide in very expensive schools. Don’t celebs have entourages? Why the need for a giant bag? Space for a purse, keys, Kleenex and a lipstick, surely that’s enough for anyone?

Reese rocks her Chloé in classic tan and texture.

Hurrah those days are waning. No longer is the bag the main feast its back in its place and so much the better for it. Bags are now framed by their owners, an added touch that finishes off an outfit, an adornment, with this seasons incoming trends that are embracing both tailoring and folkloric femininity the bag is all about form and texture. Python a la Philip Lim, jewels as seen by Dolce & Gabbana, gros grain on satchels and saddle bags and lizard, its all about texture.

Bags are small and worn across the body giving a girlish feel and Chloé have returned to their roots with feminine elegance and a nod to our hippy mothers and makes you feel more secure and aware of pilfering paws. Westwood has elegant simple handbags, dainty things they are, chains are de rigur, and partying must accompany said bag!There are glimmers of the 50s granny bag, harder edges, the boxy bag, once the weapon of choice for the elderly, echoes of Margaret Thatcher or hopefully a reference to 1950s glamour, it’s a confident woman’s bag, with limited space so no rummaging like a lost soul in this box of delights.

Colours are simple, the ubiquitous black, deep tans, red, but if you must dip into colour there’s jade green, royal blue and for some bizarre reason bright yellow? Big Bird Yellow strikes again. The key bag colour if you’re going to stand out is white well off white, best with texture either snake skin or lizard a la DKNY. All white is a big winter trend (for those of you who don’t use public transport) so finishing it with a white bag will give you the full Ice Queen look, très chic and speaks volumes about your confidence and bank account…in a good way. The pattern for the season is animalistic, yep more leopard, we just cannot get enough of that pussy cat, this year its not just detailing but the full moggy. Be free be liberated, be pain free enjoy these lovely new petite designer handbags.

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Supporting Act new designer bag trends

This is a blog post about the AW13 hand bag trends, the dos and donts of wearing them how to wear them and the celebrities that are setting the trends by Fashion Fox

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