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Kate Spade and Swarovski A Glittering Combination

31 December, 2013

Written by Shammara Lawrence in New Collections

Kate Spade Madison Avenue New York

So the Three Kings did not rock up to Jesus's crib till January 6th, so officially Christmas is not over till then, so tis still the season to rock the bling thing and will Kate Spade's sale in full force, head thee unto Madison…or online, where beautiful things do shine. Teaming with the master of all things that sparkle, Kate Spade has created a limited-edition holiday collection with jewellery brand, Swarovski. A match made in heaven, Kate Spade launched the collection, "All A Glow", in their flagship Madison Avenue store in New York, while select pieces are readily available on the brand’s e-commerce site,

With creative director Deborah Lloyd at the helm , Kate Spade continues to push boundaries within the fashion industry, creating timeless and ingenious pieces for women looking to stand out in the crowd. And since Swarovski Elements has been on-board - the leading producer of machine-cut crystals - Kate Spade has been able to deliver holiday delight to new and old customers alike.The fourteen piece holiday collection is comprised of statement pieces such as a studded rose pink clutch and elbow length fingerless gloves. In addition, two clothing items in particular, the winter white crystal-studded jacket, and the iridescent shorts (best worn with stockings underneath) are quintessential festive garments for holiday parties.

Earlier this year when questioned on the ideal Kate Spade woman, Deborah Lloyd proclaimed: a Kate Spade woman is witty, whimsical, playful, and is all about personal experience; not to mention, she is strong and ill-witted. The Kate Spade woman is surely not a wallflower but rather gravitates towards ideas and concepts that let her inner curiosity shine through.So it was no wonder why the brand utilised one of the most well-known luxury jewellery brands to launch a holiday collection for women to adorn the outfits they are looking to wear this winter. After all, all the accessories in the collection are embellished with iconic Swarovski crystals. The collaboration itself consists of speciality gifts for Christmas shoppers, or customers in the market looking for statement items to wear this upcoming New Years. Whether you have a penchant for the glittery things in life or you’re looking to incorporate more awe-inspiring garments into your sartorial choices, Kate Spade’s product line, "All A Glow", has a wide array of options in store for you.

Happen to be in New York City for the holidays? Pass by Kate Spade’s flagship store on 789 Madison Avenue to experience all the festivities firsthand.

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Kate Spade and Swarovski A Glittering Combination

Fashion blogger and New Yorker Shammara Lawrence tells us why we should be checking out Kate Spade's Madison Avenue Flagship store or heading to to check out their collaboration with Swarovski Crystal this holiday season

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