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Fashion Scout Day 1

18 February, 2014

Written by Fashion Fox in Fashion Show Reports

Fashion Scout Day1

Day 1 at Fashion Scout our correspondents Jodi Gray and Lisa McKendrick have been at some of the key shows and presentations. Lisa has been back stage as well as front and centre on the runway bringing you a critical view of what these up and coming designers are bringing to the fashion table.

Ong Oaj Pairam

(see above)

His "army of supervilliains" paraded the catwalk looking as though they could walk the city streets comfortably wearing his more casual outfits which suggests he has given consideration to both style and wearability. In contrast the "dark sultry" evening dresses spared no expense in their elaborate use of fabric and hand embroidered detail. This edgy collection which is influenced by the 1950's also combines more modern prints which give the clothes a spontaneous flare. Outfits that inspire confidence together with a dangerous sense of adventure. Clothes to be worn by those with a sense of direction and self confidence. I particularly liked the risky, over-the-top bright colours and full patterned trouser/shirt combinations which complemented each other when worn together. My favourite items were the coats, jackets and metallic shoes in his Autumn Winter collection today. Backstage when asked about how he felt about the show Ong expressed his gratitude for all the support and good feedback and was looking forward to a well deserved rest after such a successful show.

Lulu Liu

Showcasing to the sound of Damon Albarn’s ‘Everyday Robots’, there was nothing robotic about the A/W 14 collection presented by Lulu Liu. Fluid silhouettes, strong burst of colour and decadent layers worked together to form pieces that were both playful and majestic. You could almost ‘feel’ the excitement at the revelation that the humble coat had received an imperial update, not content with being on side-lines, Lulu called time on uninspiring outerwear, combining classic shapes and beautiful statement details to deliver a fresh look, made to make heads turn. The show was also an opportunity to introduce the Fashion world to ‘Face Lace’. Created by make up artist Phyllis Cohen, these ‘non fade’, ‘non smudge’, ready to wear designs are applicable in only minutes, yet convey the illusion of hours in the make up artists chair. With make up and fashion intrinsically entwined, and the concept being at the forefront of trends, this is definitely a brand to watch during 2014.

Jamie Wei Huang

Her Autumn/Winter collection has a more than meets the eye quality as seen in the references to war and refugees. The hats which cover the whole face leaving only a peep hole for the eyes give a sense of rebellion like that of the outlaw, the lone wanderer or the outsider reminding me of the outlaw Ned Kelly. The masculine oversized jackets give a hard edge to the feminine body giving a serious and almost vampiric quality to the garments. I particularly liked the fur arm bands, hats, mini-skirts and asymmetrical combinations. Many of her garments come with generous sized pockets which are integrated into the outfit and this use of practicality within the garment goes down well with me: you could probably fit a tablet in some of those pockets. Fashion for the educated lady who is able to embrace the masculine within the feminine and be sophisticated while expressing individuality.

Napsugar Von Bittera

Hungarian Chic fashion hits the pop art waves with this collection of leather jackets, shorts, trousers, mini-skirts and full bodied leather outfits. I was a big fan of the boots which had a streetwise boyish charm to them and were not afraid to indulge in a lot of buckles while still having a platform big enough to set off a mini-skirt. Playful young fashion for girls who want to look cool in bars, at the airport, next to the soda machine, while waiting for the phone to ring and while eating popcorn at the cinema. These are clothes made for sin or possibly even made in sin: the "seven cardinal sins" which are "committed by mankind in the course of the 21st century" with that in mind these clothes can be worn with a do anything, be anybody and commit any sin attitude. A truly sinful collection by Napsugar.

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Fashion Scout Day1

This is our round up of reviews of presentations and catwalk shows at Fashion Scout as part of London Fashion Week February 2014

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