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Mulberry launches Cara Delevingne Collection

19 February, 2014

Written by Fashion Fox in New Collections

In fashion the model and brand collaboration could be described as a genre. This London Fashion Week in place of their usual runway show at Claridges Hotel, Mulberry invited the press to a photo-call with teaser videos of Cara Delevingne glibly saying "see you on Sunday". If it was any other brand than Mulberry I would have rolled my eyes. After the fun we had at Harrods I knew Sunday was going to be good.

Sunday and London transport don't mix so I almost ran into the show. A darkened cinema feeling pervaded with blue curtains drawn over the side of the room. Hounds started to howl. It's Mulberry of course there was going to be animals, whippets to be precise who came lolloping in as the curtains parted to reveal Cara on a trapeze in moonlit woods. She swung around the trees in a white dress like a wood spirit as young men came forward with different bags from the new Cara Delevingne collection to model as she swung through the trees until she disappeared like a willow the wisp in a cloud of smoke leaving just her collection of bags behind her suspended on the trapeze as Words don't really convey how lovely and genuinely magical it was.

"I'm going to say something controversial," says Andree my Fashion Editor.

"Really?" Quoth I, "do we need to repair to a cafe for this or can you say it here in Claridges over the free tea."

She leans forwards and whispers: "no more catwalks, only presentations."

"What ever?"

"No! just for this brand." She says in her sub bass, 'I don't want anyone to over hear' voice.

"Agreed." Says I.

No really, I love it when Mulberry bin the fashion rule book and do their own thing, we had a ball at Christmas they even sorted me a gluten free bacon sarnie, ok two bacon butties at Claridges, seriously being coeliac that's a rare treat, that was followed by a bus ride and being read stories at Harrods after looking at cute animals. It's my idea of a nice day out. Mulberry do loveliness and efficiency in a way I've only experienced with family brands like Johnstone's of Elgin and in world which still thinks you get brownie points for being a bitch Mulberry buck the trend.

We bump into Ann-Marie Verdin: The brand director, who told us what it was like working with Car- on the bag collection. "She came in all the time to work on the design process, she really worked on the details, which surprised us." This is if course a surprise the celebrity "collaboration" is as I said a genre in fashion whereby only the name is leant. Cara is a grafter and knuckled down and got involved. It was Cara's idea to create the lion head studded bag, it's a magical animal for her, it's on her finger tattoo, and she's got "made in England" tattooed on the soles of her feet and we're made in England, so hey", say Ann Marie raising her hands In a"what'd ya know" kinda way. Ann Marie, one if the most stylish women I know, funny as hell, and definitely a force of loveliness in the world of fashion, just like us foxes. Oh and the bags are really nice, but then it's Mulberry I hardly needed to tell you that, of course they're gorgeous, bit like telling you that the tea is nice in Claridges, which it was as are their bacon buttes but please don't tell the rabbi.

For more video coverage and interviews with Cara check this video on Youtube and view the collection at

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Mulberry launches Cara Delevingne Collection

Fashion Fox was at the presentation launch of the new bag collection by Mulberry in collaboration with super model and budding actress Cara Delevingne at Claridges Hotel in Mayfair, during London Fashion Week.

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