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Fashion essentials  
02 May 2014 // by Andree Latibeaudiere

Weekend Must Have

It started with neon trainers (can you remember a time when gymwear was just black? Neither can I) and now the hottest accessory to perk up your gym/workout look is a pair of neon headphones from the Colour Your World range from Urbanz.

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing 
02 May 2014 // by Rebecca Goodyear

Skin Science: Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are two words seldom mentioned without the other, but many are unsure of the difference between the two skin complaints. Both are types of dermatitis with shared symptoms of redness, inflammation itchiness and discomfort, however there are some key differences between the two conditions.

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing 
30 April 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Will Power

When I was invited to meet Will Pike a personal trainer with a difference, a man who within two weeks could completely change my attitude to food etc. etc. I was a little dismissive. But when I met him I ended up spending a very enjoyable afternoon with Will that really did give me food for thought. Will has worked as a high level personal trainer for a number of years but doesn't have the air of a personal trainer at all, he's fresh faced, fun and has engaging sweetness that is rare in people generally and even rarer in the world do sport and fitness. For this reason alone you should go and hang with Will. His approach is a little left field but I ask you to suspend your cynical disbelief (me being the biggest cynic going) and dig a little deeper.

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Beauty & Hair 
25 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Glitter: Fun or Finished?

This glitter-fest of a post may send a shudder down the spines of women who normally go for minimal (or no) makeup. But, backstage at SS14 runway shows, makeup artists were busy face-planting super models into barrels of glitter. Well, maybe not literally - but what a fun mental image. As little girls, brightly coloured pallets of glittery makeup fascinated us - Usually given from a distant aunt as a girly yet ‘grown up’ gift. During our pre-adolescent first meet with tinsel tat makeup, we fell in love with the fun of putting glitter on our faces. But, over time the glitter faded from our makeup bags, giving way to subtle matte shades of serious eye shadows and perfectionist foundations. Let’s face it; most of us are probably starting to feel by now we’ve reached a kind of makeup maturity. With the exception of the odd Christmas do, how often do we reach for a sparkly shadow or glitter eyeliner?

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Fashion essentials  
25 April 2014 // by Andree Latibeaudiere

The Big Bang Theory

Choosing the perfect swimsuit just got easier. Although there is a vast range of options available, finding the right cut, colour (that doesn't go see-through when wet), and support seem to be a never-ending struggle, much like the struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans. Young emerging brands are keen to rise to the challenge, providing a fresh take on the stagnant swimwear market; intent on focusing on style and wearability, these brands offer flattering options that are trend-led and make strong statements.

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