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Beauty & Hair
30 May 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Beauty Take Five: Face Masks

Fashion Fox has been enjoying some ‘me’ time in the name of skincare research to discover the best facial masks on the market right now. We found slapping on a face mask once in a while is easier and less time consuming than you might think - and gives skin more intense TLC than relying on daily skincare products alone. Hiding behind mouldy green gunk (praying you don’t get an unexpected knock at the door) is a thing of the past, thanks to a new wave of luxury hard working at home masks. From anti-aging to acne prone, oily to dull, this week’s Beauty Take Five has all skin issues covered.

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Beauty & Hair
09 May 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Beauty Take Five: In-Flight Favourites

Money, tickets, passports? Check. Way too many liquid luxuries in your carry on… check! Watching security staff dismembering the contents of our handbags at the airport is a major travel buzz killer for us ladies. I’ve waved goodbye to many of my favourite (expensive) travel products at the hands of the stingy 100ml restriction. Well, this year it’s time to get travel savvy. Tons of beauty brands now do mini-me versions of our favourite goodies, making it easier than ever to stroll smugly through security. Whether it’s a weekend away, a city break or a long holiday abroad, we’ve rounded up our top pick of in-flight travel essentials to keep us feeling fresh on the flip side.

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Beauty & Hair
25 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Glitter: Fun or Finished?

This glitter-fest of a post may send a shudder down the spines of women who normally go for minimal (or no) makeup. But, backstage at SS14 runway shows, makeup artists were busy face-planting super models into barrels of glitter. Well, maybe not literally - but what a fun mental image. As little girls, brightly coloured pallets of glittery makeup fascinated us - Usually given from a distant aunt as a girly yet ‘grown up’ gift. During our pre-adolescent first meet with tinsel tat makeup, we fell in love with the fun of putting glitter on our faces. But, over time the glitter faded from our makeup bags, giving way to subtle matte shades of serious eye shadows and perfectionist foundations. Let’s face it; most of us are probably starting to feel by now we’ve reached a kind of makeup maturity. With the exception of the odd Christmas do, how often do we reach for a sparkly shadow or glitter eyeliner?

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Beauty & Hair
11 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Beauty Take Five: Eye Care

As the windows to the soul our eyes need extra TLC, especially as we get, dare I say… older. I’ve been using eye care products from the tender age of twenty and now (many years on) to me the thought of going without is unthinkable. Ever wondered why we should bother with using a separate moisturizer for our eyes? Well, believe it or not the skin around them is actually as thin as an egg shell, therefore extremely delicate. Facial creams are not specifically tailored to meet our eye area’s nutritional needs. I’ve been playing eye spy with a host of eye care products. Check out which ones came out on top...

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Beauty & Hair
02 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Get Lippy with New Burt's Bees Collection

Rachel Trickett reviews brand new Burt's Bees Lip Colour Collection and reveals top tips (from picking the right shade to layering) from celeb MUA, Katey Denno.

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