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19 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Amplify Dot Exclusive Photoshoot with Fashion Fox

Amplify Dot rocks in Bitching and Junkfood
Amplify Dot is having the beginning of many moments in the sun, touring festivals around the UK and Europe promoting her first big label release with her track "I'm Good" feat. Busta Rhymes.  Dot has been releasing tracks digitally and on CD on the underground Grime scene for years, but since signing with EMI she has now having a new beginning with exposure on Radio1 and MTV and finally she gets to buy the trainers she's dreamed of.  This is the first part of two part editorial with Amplify Dot. On the first day of the heat wave we headed to North Greenwich Yacht Club and Ecology Park for her first fashion shoot for online.  Exclusive to Fashion Fox this shoot shows fashion Dot style.
Today she plays London's Lovebox Festival.
Catch Monday's post for our interview with Dot talking about her career and ideas about music, fashion and representing for the girls on the Grime scene. Photography and Styling by Elizia Volkmann and Elli Halley of House of Fox.
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Fashion Foxes
02 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Cara Delevingne - Black Score Muse

Cara Delevingne surely is the artist Simeon Farrar’s muse and greatest fan. Seen schlepping around Glastonbury in her "High Brow Beannie" and tweeting his T-shirts she is as much a poster girl as a muse for Simeon Farrar. Farrar is a fine artist who truly believes that the medium is the message. His eponymous label has been going for over five years winning him kudos. Black Score is his diffusion line of warmly satirical T-shirts hand printed in limited editions like art works. They gently mock the world that he has come to call his home.

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Fashion Foxes
01 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Kate Nash's Glastonbury Shawl

The sun has set on another Glastonbury.Kate Nash has risen up from the kooky teenage girl behind the piano and evolved her own style working with mega-stylist of our time Rebekah Roy. Last night she rocked the tent wearing an extravagant shawl by Dagda.

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