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Fashion tips
05 March 2014 // by Rakelle Maurici

The Ladies Brogue

ladies brogue shoe

Increasingly more and more men’s fashion is influencing the ladies with androgyny in our shops and catwalks every season. One of the key trends at the minute is the brogue, strongly influenced by the shoes we see in the men’s departments, these have been adapted to suit us ladies.

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Fashion tips
15 February 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Singing Stylishly in the Rain

seasalt seafolly

So fashion week has started, the heavens have opened again with driving rain and wind. Those who persist with high heeled fashionable footwear do deserve medals for bravery, but rain and fashion need not be enemies.

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Fashion tips
13 February 2014 // by Rakelle Maurici

5 Ways to Streamline your Wardrobe


Women spend far too much time staring into their very crammed and full wardrobe complaining ‘I have nothing to wear’ this is a sign that you are in need of a wardrobe detox. I would recommend you do this twice a year (Spring and Autumn) be tough on yourself too! If you are anything like me I hate letting go of my clothes but a clear wardrobe will allow you stress-free getting ready time.

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Fashion tips
03 February 2014 // by Fashion Fox

What to wear for a night at the Casino

sharon stone casino

There seem to be fewer and fewer occasions to really dress up. Which to we foxes is abhorrent, Beautiful evening gowns hang unloved encased in their protective plastic, and so we've been on the hunt for occasions to vaunt our finest. A night out at the casino used to be synonymous with "putting on the Ritz", but today with so many different places to play casino around the world and a generally more relaxed attitude when it comes to dress codes, what you wear is not such a big deal anymore, but if you're jetting off to one of the classic Casino resorts such as Montecarlo you will need to dress to kill.

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Fashion tips
27 January 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Top 5 Uses For The Must Have Scarf For Traveling Fashionistas


I am lucky enough to be invited to travel the world for fashion and of course its not all Paris, New York, Milan. For me its often long-haul to more exotic places like Hong Kong, Indonesia and Peru. In all my years traveling around there is one item of clothing that is vital and that is a really big cashmere scarf…not a pashmina, I do mean a big rectangle of material, light as air, warm as toast, its your best friend that can serve umpteen different purposes.

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