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Fashion tips
22 January 2014 // by Elle Halley

Boiling Hot: Why the Boiler Suit is back

A few weeks ago I was working on an editorial shoot and one of the key pieces was a suit. It's part of the growing trend I'd like to call "steal your boyfriend's wardrobe whilst he's not looking". So this Hermés boiler was very underwhelming for the £££ price tag it was commanding, plain blue cotton, with classic boiler-suity styling and absolutely nothing remarkable about it bar the price tag, but it made me remember what I had lurking in the cupboard under the stairs.Last year I found a vintage american airforce, women’s boiler suit. It had allure, and I was drawn to it.

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Fashion tips
09 January 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Four Weddings and a Three Piece Suit

If there is one look you need to be aware of is the trend for wearing menswear. Not just mannish clothing but just nick your boyfriend, dad, brother or boyfriend’s clothing, there’s something transgressive still about wearing men’s clothes. Slough of the burden of excessive femininity.

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Fashion tips
23 December 2013 // by Daniella Redford

Last minute holiday season fashion essentials

It may be a sneeze away from the big day, but with next day delivery online and catalogue stores have answers to your last minute fashion and gift buying dilemmas. The fashion world is filled with all sorts of amazing gifts to get for that special someone in your life. As such, it's important to think about what some of the hottest brands on the market have to offer.

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Fashion tips
23 December 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Wonderful Winter Whites

White was billed as one of the key colour trends for winter, for such a basic neutral, it is an incredibly dramatic colour, worn in winter it has an opulence that black can only dream of, but how easy is it to wear? Do you have to be the sort of woman who never walks to keep it pristine? Christmas is the turning point of winter, the sales are on but in Britain we have another three months of cold weather so style writer Rebecca Sloane has some top tips for taking your winter white wardrobe well into the next year

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Fashion tips
11 December 2013 // by Elle Halley

The Perils of the Office Party Dress

office party

As we head into the party season, the number one consideration on everyones mind is what to wear for the office party? fortunes have been made and broken on this annual decision, your ride on the wheel of fortune may be decided on this annual event, a booze fuelled game of snakes and ladders, you roll your dice according to your choice of outfit and accessorising tipple.

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