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17 August 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Pistols at Dawn

Swimwear once relegated as an afterthought in resort collections is now having its moment in the sun of fashion. For Deborah Fleming her childhood spent on beaches blossomed into her fashion life founding the award winning Pistol Panties. Deborah says: “Swimwear has always been part of my growing up from spending our summers in the South of France when I grew up in Paris and then moving to Miami when I was six. Here I lived 2 minutes from the beach – so swimwear was part of my every day wardrobe. We’d wear our bikinis under our clothes at school and all meet at the beach after school.”

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12 August 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Beautiful End of the World

Once modelling was all about the latest “bright young thing”, but with models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Twiggy working well into their late 30s, 40s and beyond is our obsession with youth beginning to change? Although women like Jennifer Lopez and Maria Carey all seek to retain their youthful looks, they are indeed women in their 40s who are still pulling the crowds and are both visible and sexual. More brands are using mature models in their shoots, one could say that this is just a phase, but the big model agencies such as Storm, Models 1 all have a “classics board”, not many carry women in the 50s, 60s or 70s, but the age range of models for hire is certainly expanding so there must be a demand. Gabriel Vielma a Chilean born aspiring designer whose gothic inspired design is making him a favourite of both celebrities and designers chose Jenni Rhodes a retired Hollywood actress and working model to showcase his Aw13 collection, we asked him about this and his approach to design.

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06 August 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Kitty Wong's Hong Kong Fashion Life

kitty wong

Kitty N Wong is a fashion designer and fashion illustrator based in Hong Kong, she runs her own blog charting her life through her drawings, her life and loves through the shoes she never wears. Unlike other illustration bloggers Kitty shows her creative process, documenting the state of her art supplies. Her illustrations have been featured in Tatler and she has her own range of clothing and lifestyle products based on her drawings. Hong Kong is rising, it’s had a moment to think about its rapid, skyscraper growth and look at the creativity residing within it, the culture, fashion and design that has value beyond just the billions of dollars it makes in the market. Hong Kong is no longer just about sourcing and shopping, its about art and fashion too. We interviewed Kitty to find out more about her Hong Kong Fashion life.

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22 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

New Beginnings for Amplify Dot


In our second part of our Amplify Dot Special Fashion Fox interviews the Dot the first female UK Rap artist to sign a major recording deal for 10 years.  She talks about her rise on the UK Grime/rap scene, her love of old skool hip hop and street styling and a special fashion tip for anyone who was ever good at sport ;)

Amplify Dot is the kind of musician we can relate to, she’s a grafter, it’s been a long road already for her, just to get signed but last year she was able to quit the day job to concentrate on recording her first album.  “I’ve been putting my music out independently for years, but this is my first foray into day time radio, so it’s kind of a new beginning for me.” Styling and photography by Elizia Volkmann and Elli Halley of  House of Fox assitant Rachel Trickett

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10 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

BodyMap Interview with David Holah

The 80s were messy, beautifully messy, grubbythe yuppies might have been partying in their double breasted suits but London was like all cities covered in a thick black layer of grime, art, music and fashion all collided in the sub-terreanean world of soho clubland. BodyMap’s stark black and white prints and oversized loose forms imprinted on our fashion psyche, they might have closed their doors but our craving to see their work means they have continued to bow for our clamouring encores. BodyMap is one of the labels that will be showing at the V&A’s Club to Catwalk exhibition opening tomorrow. I was lucky enough ot interview David Holah one of the founders of BodyMap to hear the Bodymap story:

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