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11 October 2013 // by Fashion Fox

The Scots are Coming: Scottish Fashion Awards

Christopher Kane

London has become the style capital of the world and all eyes have been on London but if you really know about British Fashion you will, like me have kept your eyes turned northwards and been watching the Scots fashion and textile scene, because for the past six years that is where the real action has been. Scotland has been ahead of the game with creating the “Made in Scotland” brand and “Textiles Scotland” initiatives which Whitehall has been both slow and ineffectual in trying to emulate even though the BRIC customers crave a slice of British quality. Business has been sharper with the smart money has been watching Scotland and has in fact ‘put their money there their mouth is’, with PPR financing the Christopher Kane brand. Christopher Kane was quite rightly awarded Designer of the Year at this year’s Scottish Fashion Awards which were held in London for the first time on Wednesday 9th October. All photographs by Anita Russo

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11 September 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Time for Tea

mullberry teacup

“So not everyone can just go to fashion week?” my friend said rather sorrowfully, “No,” I said, “Remember it is a trade show,” I said consolingly, and of course it is, but probably the best trade show you’ll ever go to in London. So good news for fashion fans, fans of tea, and lovers of Mulberry, you can come to the ball, well its not a ball but an invitation to tea. Mulberry have launched a special collaboration with the Wedgewood, our invitations to the Mulberry show come in miniature tea cup form, so I will be reporting from Claridge’s Ball Room on Sunday.

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10 September 2013 // by Fashion Fox

spring, summer, autumn, Wintour

madame allsorts

The fashion world love to complain about New York Fashion Week, I’ve read so many complaints about how it is 70 years old and too boring. Enter Madame Allsorts who has single handedly shaken it all up with her Anna Wintour flashmob sporting one of her art sweatshirts “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Wintour” worn by models wearing the classic cast iron Wintour bob and celeb bug eyed sunglasses.

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09 September 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Monumental Style

queen mary

You wouldn’t normally connect the labels for less brand retailer TK Maxx with interventionist public art, but that’s exactly what they have been up to, styling overlooked statues to bring them to the attention of the passing public after all not many people may even know who David Hulme the Scottish born historian and philosopher who rather famously was fond of sporting garish styles including pink turbans but even statues. TK Maxx have been out and about London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Liverpool where Queen Mary here was dolled up with this seasons berry red accessories along with a whole host of beautiful but sadly often overlooked statues

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06 September 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Making his Mark: Woolmark Prize Winner Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants

The Woolmark Prize was re-launched last year selecting representatives from the five continents before the final winner selection earlier this year in February chosen by an illustrious panel of judges including Paula Reed from Harvey Nichols, Donnatella Versace, Victoria Beckham, Diane von Furstenberg and Franca Sozzani Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia. The Woolmark Prize is now one of the most high profile and richest reward of all professional prizes awarded in fashion giving the winner not only $100,000 US, but also a springboard to launch them into the mainstream luxury retail market. This year’s winner was knitwear designer Christian Wijnats who created a phenomenal collection of hand knitted, shibori hand dyed dresses and coats

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