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Opinionated Fox
12 March 2014 // by Opinionated Fox

Street Stale

Allow me to transport you to a not-so magical place. Okay, it isn't even hypothetical. It's the courtyard of Somerset House, where twice a year, hundreds of fashion editors, journalists, buyers and customers flock to see the showcases of some of the best and brightest that London has to offer. I was waiting for a show to start and trying not to stumble on the rain-slicked cobblestones, when I noticed something strange happening.

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Opinionated Fox
06 March 2014 // by Gemma Winter

#Normcore: Hip to be Square?

Julia Bradury Normcore

Stylist and fashion writer Gemma Winter is traumatised by a new and insidious cultural movement #Normcore, horrified by the creeping tide of normality that is invading London which is famed for its innovation and being fashion forward. Gemma attempts to put her finger of the damn of the current wave of fashion backward dressing and reminds you that you are not normal!

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Opinionated Fox
05 March 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Can I Supersize that?

cara delevigne karl largerfeld chanel

King Karl has done it again. Within moments of the Grand Palais opening, Twitter and Instagram were abuzz with news about the Chanel set design. Every season, the Chanel sets become a talking point in their own right. We've seen full, working carousels, melting icebergs, realistic forests and even a barn housing a singing Lilly Allen

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Opinionated Fox
15 January 2014 // by Elle Halley

Learning from the Boys

girls in menswear

Here ends a fabulous week of London Collections: Menswear. It has been a truly cracking week, covering a wonderful array of presentations and shows and what has struck me above all is how much FUN it has been!

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Opinionated Fox
08 November 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Why I am wearing my Poppy

poppy day

For us in the UK Remembrance Sunday is looming large and yesterday William and Kate were speeding around town on a secret mission to wish all the Poppy sellers well. The Poppy has become a bit controversial in recent years. Many wanting to rebel against the established order or “Queen and Country”, but the money is raised for the British Legion goes to help those wounded in battle and their families and with more women entering the armed forces than ever before, shouldn’t we rethink wearing poppies?

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