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Urban Outfitters Shop
Shopping Experience
11 February 2014 // by Jas Kaur

Best Shops with the Best Refund Policies

refund polices in store and online

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet” the great Carrie Bradshaw once said but what if what you see hanging in your closet/wardrobe is a complete waste of your money? Fashion writer and Marketing Expert Jas Kaur looks at the confusing issue of refund policies in fashion retail. She reckons that knowledge is buying power and advises you to shop around for the best refund policies.

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Shopping Experience
07 November 2013 // by Shammara Lawrence

Happy Landing, Happy Shopping at Heathrow

Heathrow Terminal 5

If you're a busy woman like me, constantly in and out of airports, I bet you've not even thought about where or even when you are going to have the time to do all your Christmas shopping. I bet its barely registered in your mind other than a guilt fleeting thought. However, if you're life is often up in the air and you too are a Heathrow regular, I can tell you, your Christmas shopping can be all done with the aid of a personal shopper at Heathrow Terminal 5 where you can indulge in their pre-Christmas special offers.

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Shopping Experience
02 August 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Can I wear my Flossys home?


“Can I wear them home please”, I’ve not said that in a while. Usually shoe shopping involves much walking up and down and consideration in front of various mirrors. In a shop its easy to make yourself believe that a heel slightly lower than the Shard is in fact a comfort shoe and then carrying the box home in a crisp new bag only to realise much later that they are in fact just projections of my vanity and agonizing, I am being turned onto flat shoes, one brand at a time, and the flat shoe of the week is a Flossy its not just that they’re really cute, but their soles smell like those fruit scented erasers we had as kids and this is how Miss H and I found ourselves, smelling shoes in Shoreditch and falling in love with plimsolls.

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Shopping Experience
31 July 2013 // by Fashion Fox

Wow what is Wowcracy?

wowcracy screen shot

The retail market on-line is a constantly evolving shopping mall for fashionistas looking not only to find a bargain but to find unique and exciting pieces for their wardrobe. For shoppers looking to set trends rather than follow them its worth exploring new platforms such as Wowcracy for unusual items like this month’s featured Baguette Bag. But what is Wowcracy and how on earth do you use it and buy from it? Fashion Fox interviews one of Wowcracy’s founders Davide Tronzano to get to grips with this fascinating pre-order fashion online destination:

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