FASHION fox is a British fashion blog run by women's fashion insiders based in London.
With hot fashion tips, styling, fashion and beauty advice Fashion Fox takes you on an adventure in fashion.
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The Editor

Editor-in-Chief Elizia Volkmann, formerly of Flux Magazine and Fashion Editor for Twist Magazine, Elizia has worked on editorial projects as both a fashion editor and photographer with some of the greatest brands such as Ralph Lauren and Christopher Kane, as well as national publications. You can see Elizia's photography work at

The founders and writers of this website are fashion insiders who have worked for a vast range of major fashion brands in the UK.

We also feature guest posts from other writers and bloggers from time to time and will often quote the writer when a guest post is written. If you would like to speak with us please get in touch.

The Editor

The Editor of the Fashion Fox Blog is fashion journalist Elizia Volkmann aka Elizia Fox.


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